Welcome to our webstore where we offer original Mercedes Benz Comand navigation systems from Germany. We offer a wide range of OEM Mercedes Comand navigation units for sale and our range of products is expanding rapidly. You can buy high quality Mercedes Comand devices at a very competitive price. If you want to retrofit your car with original advanced Merc sat nav system, rear view camera, TV tuner, hands-free communication or sporty-look steering wheel our store is the right place to search.

Our products for Mercedes Benz:

  • Comand APS NTG 1
  • Comand NTG 2
  • Comand NTG 2.5
  • Comand NTG 3
  • Comand NTG 4
  • Comand Online NTG 4.5
  • Comand Online NTG 5.0
  • Comand Online NTG 5.1


Comand NTG multimedia and navigation system by Mercedes-Benz features GPS navigation across the entire Europe and some additional capabilities. Comand NTG navigation system has built-in hard disk storage. Since maps are stored directly on a hard disc drive, the system is able to access the navigation data much faster than a DVD-based system and calculate route more rapidly.

In addition to advanced navigation and a high-resolution colour display, Comand APS features a DVD player supporting audio and video. Comand NTG multimedia system Music Register function allows you to transfer 1000 compressed music files in MP3 or WMA formats from memory cards to HDD. Comand APS contains Linguatronic voice-operated control system and text-to-speech function by default. Text-to-speech function reads out SMS messages, address book entries, radio stations titles or route-specific traffic reports including those that are relevant to the chosen route.